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About Us

How We Work

First, a phone call to chat about you — (215) 275-3270.

Uncommon Events is a wedding planning and design firm headquartered in Philadelphia, yet available anywhere. We travel to bring party happiness to any location, nationally or internationally.

If you’re looking for WEDDING PLANNING or a MILESTONE EVENT, we meet right away since there’s no time to waste. We want to be in on the ground floor so we can get the whole story off to the right start.

If you’re interested in EVENT DESIGN & FLORAL DÉCOR, we meet for a brainstorm session. If you like us, you book the date. Our creative team gets creative and we have you back for a vision board presentation.

We love our clients. For us, it’s a relationship, not a “job”.


Wedding Planner, Designer and Fairy Godmother Badass

Like an artistic director in a world-class ballet, Melissa Brannon knows how to orchestrate an event with style and grace. Her timing is impeccable. Her ability to synchronize a million moving parts with a quiet confidence is a site to behold. And her talent for motivating her event staff to serve a multi-course feast or an intimate reception with warmth, knowledge, and the most gracious hospitality, is a skill that has made her company one of the best event planning companies in the United States today.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Melissa has worked in the event industry since 1980 and started Uncommon Events in the year 2000. As the first point of contact, she will work with clients to obtain a vision and an understanding of the events purpose. She questions the message, what guests should walk away thinking, and then develops a concept and action plan accordingly. Planning and good communication are key. Each Uncommon Event is individually personalized.

But she’s also aware that any event can crash and burn before the first dish is served if every detail isn’t given proper consideration. And that’s Melissa’s job: To think through every detail and communicate every obstacle and opportunity, to insure the staff’s knowledge as well as the client’s confidence. That confidence is what will allow everyone, guests as well as hosts, to relax and enjoy the party.

Jessica Mader

Creative Director

A background steeped in the creativity of floral design, high fashion and pastry arts, Jessica brings every ounce of her artistic inspiration to each event. She communicates color, texture and style with our clients, then takes those words and through flowers, linens, lighting and stylistics elements, produces their vision; and nobody does it better.

Amanda Buchanan

Jackie of All Trades

Organized and a little “OCD” is what one wants in a planner. Amanda, our “Jackie of All Trades”,  handles the aspects of the planning that are tedious and time consuming and she loves it (thank goodness!). She works with our clients on all administrative tasks: guests lists, invitation mailings, hotel room blocks, appointments, transportation and a myriad of other “to do’s”. On the big day, she assists with the details to be sure our clients can become guests.